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About SMS4U

About SMS4U

SMS4U is owned and run by SMS Service division of TNZ Group Ltd, which is privately owned and operated out of Auckland, New Zealand.

TNZ Group Ltd is New Zealand's largest messaging solutions provider supporting businesses throughout the world and have been in this market section for more than 15 years. TNZ Group has representations in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Gibraltar, Indonesia, Britain and Singapore.

Our customers vary from small home businesses through to large corporates, government departments and banks. We provide services directly to the retail market and also offer resale oppurtunities for interested party's.


Contact Information:

  • Phone: + 64 9 929 3000
  • Sales Email: sales@tnz.co.nz
  • Support Email: support@tnz.co.nz
  • Accounts Email: accounts@tnz.co.nz


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