Receive SMS

How to receive SMS

How to Receive SMS Messages

When a person sends a message to your Dedicated Code or Keyword on a Shared Code, SMS4U offers multiple ways to deliver received messages to your system, includes:

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SMS to Email

We deliver received SMS into a email message and forward it to your inbox.

Receive SMS via Email
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Web Portal

We deliver received SMS into our web portal, search, view details & manage contacts lists.

Receive SMS via Web
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We deliver received SMS through webhooks, notifies your web server via JSON or XML.

Receive SMS via Webhook


1. Deliver Received SMS to Email

SMS4U will receive your message, log them inside the Web Portal, then email you a copy of the message - including the sender's mobile number and the message that was received.

We will send an email with the reply email address so you can directly reply to. Just write a simple reply email and we will convert them to SMS reply and send them for you.


2. View Received SMS on Web Portal

SMS4U will log any received messages to our web portal. Once you confirmed message, you can add them to contact list or send reply directly from the Web Portal.

You can access any received message at anytime, anywhere!


3. Deliver Received SMS via Webhook

SMS4U will receive your message, log the message inside the Web Portal, then deliver you an webhook notification via JSON/XML Raw HTTP POST (Over SSL).

When we set up your services, you will need to provide us with a URL to POST/GET the information to.

Common/Standard Variables that we require are:

  • UserID (a static authentication ID so you know the message is coming from SMS4U)
  • Password (to verify the UserID)
  • FromNumber (the Sender of the message)
  • ToNumber (the Recipient of the message, either the Shared Short Code or the Long Code)
  • Message (the actual message that was received)

These variable names can be changed at your request.