Email to SMS

Send SMS from your Email

Send SMS messages directly from email client

Sending SMS messages became as simple as sending emails with SMS4U's Email to SMS Service.

Simply send an email to the, type the message (up to 160 characters for 1 part message, 153 chars x parts for bigger then 1 part message) into the email body, and click send!

No external software or hardware required other than your email client and internet connection!


Easy to Use

Once your account has been setup & activated, you can begin using the service immediately. It's as simple as sending an email, no training required!

Open up a new email, enter the mobile number into the "To" section of the email, followed by, type your text message into the email and click send!

Any replies to your messages will be delivered straight back into your email inbox.


Email to SMS Features

  • Simple to use - As simple as sending an email from your email client
  • Fast Delivery - SMS4U delivers SMS messages within seconds
  • Multiple Destinations - Attach Excel or CSV list for multiple destinations
  • Personalisation - Allows each individual recipient of a SMS message to receive personalised text messages (SMS Merge/Substitutions)
  • Reports - SMS4U will send you success/failure reports to your email address
  • Two Way SMS - The recipients of SMSs can reply to the message. Replies will be delivered to your email inbox or to your system
  • International Coverage - Send SMS messages to over 340 networks in 140 countries


How to send

So simple - Email to one single Cell Phone

Sending a TXT message can be as simple as sending an e-mail. In the To field of the email put the

For example,
Then type in the TXT message into the email body. Once sent, within a few minutes you will receive a Delivery Report e-mail back stating that the TXT message has been sent.

Sending broadcast SMS/TXT messages

Sending a TXT message to many cellphones is done by sending the e-mail to

In the subject line put a reference that is meaningful to you

Type in the TXT message into the email

Then attached a "Comma Separated" file (CSV) of cellphone numbers to send to.

The first line of the CSV file should have the word Mobile, the second line is the first cellphone to send to.

021 454545
0275 45478

Once sent, within a few minutes you will receive an e-mail back stating that the TXT message has been sent.

Download the Sending Email to SMS Broadcasts Guide for more information.



What is Email to SMS?

Email to SMS is the most popular method to deliver SMS messages (bulk and single) to a list of mobile phone numbers. Simply attach list of mobile numbers to an email and compose the message in the body of the email. SMS Server will convert your email into SMS messages and deliver them for you. Replies can then be sent to either to our web portal, your system, or back to your email inbox.

Other than Email to SMS, what delivery methods are available?

The SMS4U service has many supported delivery methods, such as simple HTTP POST over SSL, SOAP and JSON/XML REST API, as well as composing a text through your Online Account inside our Web Portal (Web to SMS).

Can I send SMS messages from more than one email address?

You can configure email addresses via your Online Account. If you would like to enable sending from all the addresses in a domain, please contact us to enable a domain account.

On a technical level, how does Two Way SMS work?

We have developed a fantastic two way SMS system, we have number of our own short codes (NZ) or bunch of Australian long codes for international two way sms.
All of our outbound SMS / TXT messages will be sent from one of our number pool (4 digit short codes in NZ, AU long codes for overseas).
Any replies back to the origination number, we will map these replies to the sender. And then our system sends reply notification by either email or inform your system through webhooks (JSON or XML format).

You can also check your replies from our web portal.




/per month

  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Credit card, bank transfer or direct debit
  • 10c/SMS Part to NZ Mobiles
  • 10c/SMS Part to AU Mobiles
  • 20c/SMS Part to International Mobiles
  • Need more?

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  • Volume Discounts
  • Account Manager
  • Service Customisation
  • Whitelabelling
  • Workflow Automation
  • Departmentalised Billing
  • * Pricing is in New Zealand Dollars excluding GST