Dedicated Short Codes

Your own Dedicated short code

What is Dedicated Short Code?

A Dedicated Short Code is 3 to 4 digit New Zealand Virtual SMS number, enables only you can send and receive SMS messages on that number - Same code over different mobile carriers including Spark, Vodafone, 2Degrees and Skinny.

It is widely known that NZ mobile operators are very strict for marketing and spammy types of messages, SMS4U strongly advises any business wants to send SMS Marketing messages should always send via their own short code.


Exclusive rights - Your Own Number

Sigle number, single account means only you can use this number. Your customers should not worry about "Is this legit?" questions as all messages will be transmitted from same number. Give your customers confidence!


Ways to send

Email Icon
Email to SMS

We convert the email into a SMS message and deliver to mobile phones.

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Web to SMS

Login to our web portal, upload list or use addressbook, and initiate Bulk SMS.

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Your software can deliver SMS data to us via HTTP POST, SOAP and JSON/XML Rest APIs.


Ways to receive

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SMS to Email

We convert the received SMS into a email message and deliver to your inbox.

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Web Portal

Login to our web portal, view or download received SMS messages.

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SMS4U can deliver received messages to your web server via JSON or XML.


Who uses Dedicated Short Code?

  • Business wants to run SMS Marketing Campaigns - Including inbound and/or outbound SMS Campaigns.
  • Medium to enterprise business wants to look professional.
  • Business utilising SMS Messaging as big part of communication with their customers.


What are the types of supported short codes?

  • Standard Code : Your customer pays 20c to their mobile operator, there is no extra cost to you to receive inbound messages.
  • Free to Text Code : Your customer entitled free to send SMS messages, you are covering any inbound messages (12c per SMS part).


Do you provide New Zealand long code?

Unfortunately we cannot provide NZ Long Code (MSISDN Numbers) as most NZ mobile operators do not support them any more.

NZ Short Codes are domestic use only, you cannot send/receive messages from overseas. We do provide AU Long Code to transmit messages to and from overseas.



Standard Code

/per Month

  • $300 Set Up
  • $200 per Month (minimum 3-month term)
  • Includes your own Dedicated NZ Short Code
  • 10c/SMS sent to NZ Mobiles
  • 0c/SMS received
  • Free-to-Text Code

    /per Month

  • $300 Set Up
  • $200 per Month (minimum 3-month term)
  • Includes your own Dedicated NZ Short Code
  • 12c/SMS sent to NZ Mobiles
  • 12c/SMS received
  • * Pricing is in New Zealand Dollars excluding GST