TXT2Call Service

Looking for better communication method to encourage more customers to contact you on the phone? The SMS4U TXT2Call service can be your answer to attract more customers. This service enables individuals make phone calls with you by sending a SMS message from their mobile to a specified short code! No more hassle to write down or remember phone numbers.

Customers simply text a keyword(ie TXT2Call) to our short code(875 - NZ Only), SMS4U's messaging server receives this SMS message and initiates 2 way phone calls between your specified number & customer's mobile phone.

Moreover, you are able to view call details real-time through our website as well as we can send you monthly reports on your request!


  • Ease of use - Your customers have to enter a single keyword and send it to our short code (875)
  • No geographical limitation - You can receive calls anywhere in the World
  • Cost effective - Encourage more customers to contact you
  • Fast response - SMS4U server will initiate calls as soon as receive SMS message
  • Real-time Reporting - Web-based reporting allows you to track usage by real-time

TXT2Call Service - How it works

How does it work?

1. Customer sends a keyword (ie TXT2Call) to our short code(875).
2. SMS4U message server receives SMS message & retrieve mobile phone number.
3. Their mobile phone will ring after 1~3 seconds.
4. If they pick up, they are invited to hold until they get connected to you.
5. You will be called and be connected with that visitor.
6. As you pick up, the conversation begins.

Try it now - Send a TXT / SMS message to 875 with keyword "SMS4U".

TXT2Call Service - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive calls to overseas office?

Yes, SMS4U can forward calls to anywhere in the World, but currently we only provide short codes in New Zealand. It means only the New Zealand customers can send SMS messages to our short code, but we can terminate calls to overseas numbers (ie. call centre in London).

How easy is it to use?

Very easy, your customer only have to send your keyword (ie. TXT2Call) to our short code(875).

How do I find out more & sign up?

Its easy! Send a TXT / SMS message to 875 with keyword "SMS4U".