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ServerMonitor Service

A cost effective off-site monitoring system...

Do you or your business required a monitoring facility to monitor your servers?

Want to get notified as soon as servers are out of order by SMS/TXT?

Server Monitoring Service is a cost effective, quick and easy setup, low maintence Email and/or SMS/TXT monitoring system.

For a small monthly fee, we will monitor your servers for you without any additional software or hardware installation.

Its a worldwide service, meaning you aren't restricted to New Zealand, Australian or United States servers, mobile numbers or IP addresses.

Simply apply for the Server Monitoring Service and log in into our Web Portal where you can configure your server's IP Address or Domain Name, period, number of tries and the port number to monitor.

Our Monitoring Server will begin to check your server's internet connectivity and alert you if the server fails to respond.

Note: No additional software or hardware needed - works on any platform or Operating System with an IP Address.

Why use SMS4U Server Monitoring?

  • Low setup & maintenance costs
    • $5 +GST to setup & $10 +GST per month to monitor
    • 5c +GST per email notification, 20c +GST per SMS/TXT notification
  • Easy setup & maintenance
    • Simply login into our Web Portal and specify a list of servers/services to monitor
  • True off-site monitoring facility
    • With most Server Monitoring Systems, in the event of Internet Connection failure, alerting services fail. As TNZ Group's monitoring service runs on our own servers, we are able to notify you, even if your internet connection is down!
  • No additional software/hardware needed
  • Receive your notifications by email and/or SMS/TXT
  • Unlimited number of servers/services to monitor
    • You can monitor any number of servers/services with a flat monthly fee
  • We can deliver notifications to a maximum of 6 email addresses and/or 6 mobile phone numbers.

Monitoring Service requires following settings (Through Web Portal):

  • Public accessible IP Address or DNS - e.g. www.tnz.co.nz or xxx.xxx.xx.xxx (IP Address)
  • Port Number - ie: 80 for web service, 22 for SSH service
  • Protocol - TCP/UDP/ICMP
  • Interval - How often we have to check
  • Retry Interval - How often we should retry checking your server if check failed
  • Retries - How many times we should retry checking your server if check failed
  • Email Address - Email Address(es) to receive notifications
  • Mobile Number - Mobile phone number(s) to receive notifications

How it works:
TNZ Group's Monitoring Service is based on a server's public IP address or DNS record. Our Monitoring Server will check the port based on the periods that you have configured. This is how it works:

  • The Monitoring server checks your server based on IP/DNS and Port number
  • If Success, wait for specified interval for next check
  • If Failed, wait for specified retry interval and retry
  • If it reaches specified number of retries, send Email and/or SMS notification
  • Keep checking the failed server until it comes back online
  • If the server comes back, send another notification to indicate it is up and running

Server Monitoring Service - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to open ports for my servers?

Yes, SMS4U's monitoring server will try to open port based on server address, you will need to open the ports for our monitoring server to check your server. If you have firewall, you'll have setup port redirections for us to monitor your server(s).

Can I receive SMS messages to more than 1 mobile phone?

Yes, you can receive warning & recovered SMS messages to multiple mobile phones - You can set to as many as you want!

How many SMS messages will I receive for a single failure event?

You will receive 2 SMS messages to a single mobile phone. 1 for failure notification and 1 for recovery notification. SMS4U's monitoring server will not keep sending SMS messages for a single failure event.

How easy is it to use?

Simple, you'll be required to set few things (5~6 records) and mobile phone number and/or email addresses to monitor your servers & receive notifications.