SMS Marketing

SMS/TXT messages on Short Codes

How to start SMS Marketing

There are two main categories to run SMS Marketing Campaigns:

  • Outbound SMS Marketing Campaigns: Send Bulk SMS/TXT message to a list of subscribed recipients. With SMS4U you can submit jobs via Email, Web and/or through our SMS API.

  • Inbound SMS Marekting Campaigns: Advertise your keyword(s) or short code. We will be replying to the senders with automated replies.


Outbound SMS Marketing Campaigns

Widely known as Bulk SMS/TXT, send hundreds, even tens of thousands marketing messages to list of subscribed recipients.

SMS4U supports Email to SMS, SMS Web Dashboard, and SMS APIs - Pick a technology that you & your team members familiar with, minimum training will be required.

If the recipients reply your message, we are able to forward these to your email inbox, check from our SMS Web Portal or to your system via Webhooks. One step further, you can reply to these replies back to the recipients which enables true two way messaging!

Things to consider:

  • Marketing messages only can sent to subscribed / opted-in recipients to comply New Zealand Spam Act.
  • Structure a good Business Text for better communication and responses.
  • Try to construct your messages under 160 characters for cost savings - We setup new accounts to have 3 message parts but it can be adjusted upon your request.
  • All messages will be originated from a Short Code within New Zealand - You can have your own Dedicated Short Code or from one of our Shared Short Code number pool. It is subject to cost for recipients to send replies back by default (20c to mobile operators), but you can set up your free-to-reply dedicated short code.
  • Consider using our MessageLink to provide free replies and opt-out facility


Inbound SMS Marketing Campaigns

Advertise your keyword (if using Shared Short Code) or a Dedicated Short Code to start inbound marketing campaigns.

Any received messages will be forwarded to you via Email, our SMS Portal, and/or through an Web Hook - Please refer to How to receive SMS section for more details.

We can send automated replies back to the senders. These can be pre-defined, personalised or our SMS system able to send you data via an Webhook and you can repond with appropriate replies back.

Our standard Keyword campaigns on a Shared Short Code allows 1 free replies (160 characters max.) for every messages received.

Examples of Inbound Short Code Campaigns: