Single Message, Multiple Targets

What is SMS/TXT Relay?

SMS Text Relay Service allows send a single message to a number (Dedicated Code) or a keyword for a short code, system relays it and initiates a SMS/TXT broadcast based on your contact list.

We can send it to specified group within our addresbook, or to everyone within your addressbook.

Send a single message, we will relay it to tens, hundreds, even thousands destinations.




How it works:

Step 1: Send a SMS message
1. Send a SMS message

Send a message to your dedicated number or keyword on a shared short code.

Step 2: System looks up contacts
2. System looks up contacts

Our system receives message and read contacts from your address book.

Step 3: Send SMS broadcast
3. Send SMS broadcast

System auto generates SMS Relay Broadcast & deliver them to your members.


Who uses it?

  • Emergency Alerts, notify urgent text broadcasting to emergency contacts
  • Realestate agents, notify agents when a property is sold
  • Weather warnings, alert group of people bad weather is coming