SMS Survey

Initiate Survey over SMS

What is SMS Survey?

Lots of businesses want to get some feedback or get some information how they are doing from their customers, staffs and business partners.

SMS Messages are less annoying compare to phone calls also it is reliable and responsive compare to any other communication methods. Emails are great method of notify customers but it is often not delivered or goes into junk folders.

SMS4U can help you design effortless, reliable and trackable short surveys delivered by SMS.


3 Ways to run SMS Surveys

  1. Direct Replies
    Simply send message and expect recipients directly reply back to the message. Any replies can be delivered back to your email, to our portal or webhooks.

    For example, "Rate 1 to 10 for your service".

  2. Send Clickable Links
    Most smart phones now can click the link inside the message. Set a web page to get the feedback, and send the link with the message.

    For example "Click to give feedbacks"

  3. Send Trackable Links
    As a part of our MessageLink facility, we can initiate trackable link and send to recipients. This trackable link can contain mobile number, message id and other useful information.

    For example, "Click [[]] to give feedbacks" will converted to "Click to give feedbacks" and send to recipients.

    Once the link is clicked, we can redirect to your web survey page with the trackable variable, something like "".


Ways to send SMS Surveys

Email Icon
Email to SMS

Send SMS Survey using your existing email client or through SMTP using your mail server.

Email to SMS
Phonebook Icon
Web to SMS

Login to our web portal, upload list or use addressbook, and initiate SMS Survey.

Web to SMS
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Integrate your existing system and software with our secure and reliable SMS APIs.



SMS Survey Use Cases

  • Staff Health & Wellness Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Ratings
  • Electoral Surveys